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NOAA Nautical Chart 14786

SMALL-CRAFT BOOK CHART New York State Canal System (book of 61 Charts)

Actual Chart Size: 18.0" x 12.0"
Paper Size: 36.0" x 19.0"
NOAA Edition #: 15
NOAA Edition Date: 2018-11-01
OceanGrafix Edition #: 16*
OceanGrafix Edition Date: 2021-09-23*

NTM = NGA Notice to Mariners
LNM = Local Notice to Mariners

*Under the guidance of NOAA's Office of Coast Survey, this chart has amassed enough critical and non-critical corrections such that OceanGrafix has issued a new edition number. This edition number now overrides the NOAA edition number. This chart contains all of the latest NOAA updates at the time of printing and is available for purchase online or from one of our retailers.

The chart you are viewing is a NOAA chart by OceanGrafix. Printed “on-demand,” it contains all of the latest NOAA updates as of the time of printing. This chart is available for purchase online.

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